Board & Committees

The Board of Directors Meeting is the first Tuesday of each month from 6pm to 8pm.  We are currently meeting at Charlie’s Grill, located at 1320 19th Hole Dr. in Windsor.  All RERA members are welcome to attend.  Anyone who wishes to address the board must submit in writing the topic they wish to add to the agenda and a summary of the issues or topic to the President.  Presenters will have up to 10 minutes to address the board.  Please contact the President to be included on the agenda.

2019 Board of Directors

President – Zac Bautista
Vice President –Steve Kraut
Past President – Jim Diangson

Treasurer – Mike Chavez
Secretary – Cyndi Gonzalez

Director at Large – Cassandra Stephens
Director at Large – Lisa Gonzalez
Director at Large – Jeff Gross
Director at Large – Gabe Diaz
Director at Large – Mike Runyan
Director at Large – Laura Martinez-Beretta


Membership – Jim Diangson, Chair
Carol Silver
Jennifer Farias
Dennis Debolt

Communications/Website – Steve Kraut, Chair
Cassandra Stephens
Megan Nelson

Professional Education –
Mark Javrotsky
Gabe Diaz
Jeff Gross
Jim Diangson

Programs – Mike Runyan, Chair
Lisa Gonzalez
Cassandra Stephens
Megan Nelson

Public Relations – Cassandra Stephens, Megan Nelson

Phone Tree – Gabe Diaz, Chair
Elva White

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