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New Members – Our new members are quickly listed in the website membership listings so the public and members can search for them.

New Members are mentioned at the dinner meetings, so everyone can get to know them.

Every member gets their own posting on the website, so they can highlight their unique qualities and promotions. Pictures of your work can be submitted for posting on the website as well.

Benefits of RERA Membership:

■ Networking with all facets of our industry
■ Involvement in community projects
■ Client Referrals
■ Friendship
■ Mentoring
■ Community and professional recognition
■ Continuing education in our profession
■ Promote remodeling as a unique industry
■ Career opportunities for youth training

We communicate with our members by holding monthly dinner meetings featuring timely topics, publishing a monthly newsletter and providing other educational opportunities. Our speakers are from government agencies, local businesses and organizations, the press, industry consultants, and local financial institutions. We improve our business skills with assistance from marketing consultants, financial management professionals, new product presentations, and regularly scheduled professional education forums.
RERA encourages the following business practices:

• Honesty and integrity
• Compliance with all statutory requirements
• Safe environment for both clients and workers
• Knowledge of current building codes
• Continuing education
• Respect for the life style and property of the client
• Clearly written contracts
• Promptness in response and execution
• Utilization of environmentally sound practices
• Insurance coverage for client protection

If this is your type of organization, please fill out the membership application form. If you have any questions or comments about RERA, please feel free to contact our Membership Director at
RERA Members are invited to place this RERA Banner on their websites to let visitors know that they are members of the Redwood Empire Remodelers Association.


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