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COVID Resources for Businesses

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

The following documents are provided to RERA members in an effort to help your business with issues related to Covid-19.

  • COVID-19 Addendum to IIPP

  • COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan

  • COVID-19 Power Point (Powerpoint format) / (PDF format)

  • COVID-19 Safety Meeting Sign-Up Sheet (Word Format) / COVID-19 Safety Meeting Sign-Up Sheet (PDF format)

  • COVID-19 Safety Meeting

  • COVID-19 Protecting Workers

  • COVID-19-Infection-Prevention-in-Construction

  • OSHA Fact Sheet – Coronavirus

  • Sonoma County COVID-19 Site Specific Plan

COVID-19 Addendum to IIPP
Download DOC • 56KB
COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan
Download DOC • 76KB
COVID-19 Power Point
Download PPT • 250KB
COVID-19 Safety Meeting Sign-Up Sheet
Download DO • 35KB
COVID-19 Safety Meeting
Download DOC • 40KB
COVID-19 Protecting Workers
Download PDF • 459KB
Download • 922KB
OSHA Fact Sheet - Coronavirus
Download PDF • 335KB
Sonoma County COVID-19 Site Specific Pla
Download • 315KB

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